About us


SuperLearningSeries is committed to excellence in education. Our team is committed to providing the best programs for use in both the classroom and at home. We are committed to the service we provide to our customers and partners. We are committed to further development to enhance our programs for continued use.

We believe everyone has the capacity to improve numeracy and literacy skills if their stage of development is established and appropriate learning activities are presented in an exciting and stimulating environment.

The SuperLearningSeries programs were originally presented on CD ROM and have been used extensively in the classroom and the home environment. The presentation of the programs as online content means students can learn anytime, anywhere and have continual real time feedback on their performance. Teachers and parents will also receive regular, positive and meaningful feedback on their progress.

Our Team

Co-Founder - Wayne JOHNCOCK

Wayne Johncock is from Launceston, Tasmania and currently lives in London, UK.  He is married with 3 daughters and has one grandson.  After leaving Tasmania in 1998, he has pursued his dream of travelling and enjoying his work, which is currently in the utilities and energy sectors, alongside maintaining his love for education and helping people achieve their maximum potential with their ability to learn and seek good opportunities for themselves and their families in life.

He has worked around the world in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China (Hong Kong), Japan, Germany, USA (Navajo Reservation and Texas), Denmark, Netherlands, India, Ireland, The Caribbean and the UK.

His passions are education, innovation, the internet, social media, connecting people, travel, energy efficiency and when he has time, sport and relaxing.  He was an executive at a leading UK energy company, and an example of his work can be seen at this link:


His big ambition now is to help drive the success of everyone to be able to spell, use correct grammar and be very good at mathematics.  He also want people with drive to take advantage of the digital age, and with all the help and guidance needed, to be successful business people.  The world has become a small place, and much easier to grow and operate a global business from the coffee shop, the spare room in your house or the garage, and for you to be comfortable with the digital age.  These are all thing SuperLearningSeries (SLS) can help you with.

He can be contacted at : wayne.johncock@superlearningseries.com

Co-Founder – Gerard LEARY

Gerard Leary is from Penguin in Tasmania, Australia. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree and a Graduate Diploma of Special Education.

Gerard has had over thirty years teaching experience in lower primary to senior secondary classes. His time in education has been spent teaching students with a range of ages and abilities. He has taught students with special needs, students with specific learning difficulties, in regular classrooms and gifted and talented students. His area of expertise is in diagnosing and remediating basic numeracy and literacy skills………….

He can be contacted at : gerard.leary@superlearningseries.com

Partner Strategy Leader – Ian PARKER

Ian Parker set up Henchards in 2003. In that time, he has provided specialist support for organisations including Carlsberg, Cable & Wireless, ntl, T-Mobile and Opodo, plus a wide range of small- and medium-sized owner managed businesses.

Ian also has an extensive corporate background, having worked at a high-level in marketing, customer services, sales and operations. He has developed a strong strategic vision after many roles in senior management and board level, has spent time as a pension trustee, and has also taken on the formal position of non-executive director.

Ian supports this experience with an up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest thinking on business strategy. By keeping a close eye on current trends and innovations, he ensures the work of Henchards is informed, measurable and results-driven.

And of course, after leading Henchards for more than a decade, he knows first-hand exactly what it’s like to face the complex challenges of running a business. When you work with Henchards, you benefit from a strong combination of expertise, experience and empathy.

Project Manager – Brett CRUSE

Brett is an accomplished and motivated information technology specialist with 15 years in the IT industry. 
Brett provides high level skills in a range of competencies including infrastructure, system administration, web and mobile development, this includes;
• Accessibility, Usability, W3C, UX, Responsive Design, Front End Design, Back End Development, CMS, CRM, E-Commerce. 
• Web programming (PHP, HTML, CSS, JQUERY, MYSQL, VB, SQL, XML, AJAX, JSON, SSL, API integration) 
• Online learning (Moodle, Fronter, Collaborative learning, ICT integration, Multimedia, Blended learning)
• Content management (Wordpress, Joomla, Mysource Matrix, PyroCMS)
• System administration (Windows Servers, Linux, Solaris, Sophos UTM)
• IT management (Continuous Innovation, Lean startups, Budgets, resourcing, risk analysis, disaster recovery, asset management, team development and training,).

He has demonstrated success in the design, development and deployment of infrastructure, web and mobile applications and interactive data driven websites as both a developer and project manager.

A highly experienced IT professional Brett has experience within the Tourism, Agriculture, Sport, Education, Retail and Technology industries; supported by significant internet development background, Brett delivers entrepreneurial qualities that underpin a strong business approach to vision and project execution. Brett is a proponent for lean start-up methodologies that align Agile software development and the continuous growth cycle using the build measure learn engine of validated learning and optimisation.

Development Team Chief Advisor – Michael HARVEY

Michael Harvey has been the mainstay behind the development of SuperLearningSeries for close to 20 years.  He has been responsible for the gamification and development of the digital content.

Development Team – Praveen CHAUHAN

Praveen is the lead developer.

Development Team – Mayankk AGRAWAL

Mayankk is the project manager for off shore.