How to donate to a charity


At SuperLearningSeries we value helping others.  Our philosophy is to work hard to improve our lives and in turn help others to be successful.

In your profile you can complete several pieces of information, one of these is to fill in your favourite charity.  At the end of each month, SuperLearningSeries will donate funds to charities of our members, in many countries across the world, for many different causes, but knowing we will be helping others from our hard work, which means you have a say in where the funds go.

Choosing a cause or charity to donate to:

There are thousands of charities you can choose from. Examples are charities that really need help.

Most people choose a charity that they have some sort of connection with.  Choose a charity that is registered. If a charity isn’t registered, it’s likely that your donation may be spent on items, other than the cause! All charities on this site are properly registered.

Animal charities: This covers everything from saving elephants, Tigers and Lions to donkeys. All of these Animal Welfare charities need help to help alleviate animal suffering worldwide.

Children’s charities: Children are vulnerable. They’re exploited and often abused. Charities in this category help children to recover from the atrocities of war, abuse, child labour and those children who need help to re-start their lives. See our Children’s Charities

Education: Charities who help with education offer help in diverse areas such as educating a tribe, or local populace, about abuse of women or simply providing educational facilities for people to learn work skills such as computing or carpentry. The largest area of education though, is children’s schooling as many charities see that education at the grass roots level is likely to offer the greatest reward.






Water aid: Sanitation and health issues are often connected to the lack of clean water for cooking, or drinking. Most charities connected with water offer people enough money to dig a village well, or supply skills and tools to dig for clean water. However, water aid goes so much further. Some charities supply bottled drinking water in emergency situations. They all need more help.

World health: Aids charities, HIV education and pastoral care, Malaria and dysentery are all world health issues supported by the charities under this category. Some of these charities use sports to gain the interest of the beneficiaries as some are reluctant to come forward. Kick4life is a good example where football is used in conjunction with education on HIV and Aids.