General FAQs
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  1. What is SuperLearningSeries about?
  1. SuperLearningSeries is an application based on assessing and developing skills and understanding in Spelling, Maths and Grammar, for all ages, with the prime age targets being early to late primary aged school children. It is developmental, not based on age or grade, allowing the student to learn in a fun and non threatening way.
  1. How do I start
  1. As a partner, you can start by registering as a partner. When you do this, you will receive an email with the details about how to begin - which includes your own personalised website for your SuperLearnignSeries business. You can register by clicking here
  1. How do I build my business
  1. You can build your business by signing up friends/colleagues/others who have children that can work on the learning activities. You can use many different channels - social media, sms, email, groups of friends - to spread the word about your business. You can have local, national and international customers. They will have the option of a 14 day trial.
  1. How to sign up customers
  1. You will sign up customers by either having them sign up from your own SuperLearningSeries website, or by sending them a mail with a link to sign up.

  1. What is the SuperLearnngSeries (SLS) registration fee for a partner?
  1. The induction fee is £49.95.There are no more costs after this for a partner.
  1. How does SuperLearnngSeries (SLS) work?
  1. Your own personalised website
  2. An opportunity to build a successful digital business
  1. What are some of the features of my website?
  1. You can sign up people directly from your website by giving them your own personalised link.
  2. You can monitor your sales and customer progress at any time to see how many paying customers you have, how many trial customers you have, and how much revenue you will collect for each month.
  1. Do I need to have an education background to be a successful partner?
  1. No. Your website will have easily accessible information and educational videos to explain the educational benefits to potential customers.
  1. How much commission do I earn on monthly subscriptions?
  1. The monthly subscription is £19.90.The partner receives 50% commission. For every monthly subscription £10.00. is paid by direct debit into your nominated PayPal account on the 15th day of the month, for the activity in the month prior.
  1. Do I receive my own home page to promote the SuperLearning learning activities?
  1. Yes, you will have your own home page. You can personalise the home page by included a photo and information about yourself. You can update your profile at any time.
  1. What are some of the features of my website?
  1. My profile
  2. Virtual Office
  3. My Dashboard
  1. What sort of information do I include in My Profile section of the website?
  1. You can include your name, age, gender, address, an About Me description of yourself, favourite charity, favourite food and drinks, favourite sport.
  1. What are some of the features of My Office?
  1. You can manage your customer base from your office. Your current paying customers, your trial customers, and your prospects. You can also sign up customers from here by sending the link to their email address that they will click on to register with you as their partner.
  2. You can only register customers by sending them a link to your website that will allow them to sign up under your partner status.
  1. How does My Reception area work?
  1. My reception area tells you the number of customers, the number of trial customers and the number of prospects you have, as well as the revenue and expected revenue you would get from your customer base.
  1. How does My Dashboard work?
  1. My Dashboard is an area that will take some time to build up and get used to. It will allow you to understand who is visiting your website and to drive potential customers - both nationally and internationally.
  1. What are some of the ways I can attract potential subscribers to trial the SuperLearning learning activities?
  1. Demonstrate individually to friends with primary school aged children
  2. Organise a demonstration to groups with primary school aged children.
  3. Invite friends on social media or your email contacts to visit your website and trial the SuperLearning learning activities.
  4. Promote your SuperLearning website on social media using doodle animations
  5. Follow up potential subscribers who visit your dashboard.
  1. What will a potential subscriber see when they visit my website?
  1. Information about me         - My profile and My Story
  2. Doodle animations               - How the SLS learning activities work.
                                                  - How to trial the SLS learning activities.
  3. Educational videos explaining how the SLS learning activities work.
  4. FAQs they may have as potential subscribers
  5. Opportunity to register for the 14 day trial.