Our Story

One cold wintry night in 1992 in the sleepy place of Penguin in Tasmania, Australia, special education teacher Gerard Leary sat in front of the log fire with a hot chocolate and thought how he could really help his classes of remedial learners gain confidence in themselves through success with their learning.

Gerard then proceeded to devise the SuperSpell word lists and diagnostic tests, that were based around the students' own development, not being age or grade related development. This was an immediate success, as the students were being positively reinforced for the successes, not continually being compared to others in a way that didn't help their confidence.

Not long after, Gerard had a conversation with another teacher, this time an IT teacher, and fellow athletic running mate, Wayne Johncock, about taking the spelling programs and using the new technologies in schools - computers. Computers were brand new things back in the early and 1990s for schools!

Wayne and Gerard set about turning the manual based spelling programs into computer based programs - recruiting raw young talent from their networks and producing versions for Windows, MS DOS, Apple Mac, Acorn BBC and Acorn Archimedes. It was at the beginning of the multimedia age, software on 1.4 Mbyte floppy disks and then onto CD-Roms. Graphics, sound, voice, animation, text all were brought to life in the mid 1990s with the new age of computing.

Over the next years (from 1996-2012), SuperSpell was sold to 50% (5 000) of Australia schools, 8 000 sales made to UK schools through 4Mation from Devon, international contracts were set up in the UK, USA and South Africa. This success allowed for development into SuperGrammar and SuperMaths - which today form the SuperLearningSeries.

The decade of the 2000s and into the 2010s saw the SuperLearningSeries go through many developments and improvements, with the functionality of the software growing at every stage.

The idea that Gerard had in his first days in front of the fire on a cold winter night has flourished, with every learner being given an opportunity to develop their learning to the maximum potential, and to give that person the best chance in life of being successful. With the advent of the digital age, this approach has become even more so.

The way of learning that SuperLearningSeries uses is able to be used for all learners, young children, primary, high school and adult learners - learners picking up English as a Second language for instance.

The digital age has also meant that these people can learn anytime, anywhere, and have continual real time feedback on their performance, always with the aim of providing positive feedback.

Why a digital business

Alongside the passion for helping people learn, is the passion to help people set up and run their own business empires. SLS want people with drive to take advantage of the digital age, and with all the help and guidance needed, to be successful business people. The world has become a smaller place, and much easier to grow and operate a global business from the coffee shop, the spare room in your house or the garage, and for you to be comfortable with the digital age. These are all things SuperLearningSeries (SLS) can help you with.

Wayne's eldest daughter Sarah (b. 1989), still living in Tasmania, is a very driven and determined single Mum, who has a strong desire to be a successful business woman. She is a qualified nurse since 2016, and has battled with energy and vigour to achieve her dreams. During her relentless push to gain her degree, and to be a wonderful Mum to her son, she would often confide in her Dad and he would try in every way to help her.

So this made Wayne think - how could he, using SLS, allow for not only people like his daughter Sarah, but anyone, start and grow a digital business that would provide a regular monthly income, for as long the business person wants, and can be grown easily, that will allow that person to work whenever they want, wherever they want, however they want, to their own schedule, be their own boss, pay for their own holidays, be able to pay for the rent on time, put petrol in the car, buy groceries when they needed to, and be financially independent and strong.

These thoughts gave rise the business model to have very low barriers to entry, sign up as a partner for a once off fee, access to all the proven learning materials, all the marketing materials, all the digital tools, with the backing and help from the SLS family. Sign up as directly online, content and support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - and the ability track and follow progress from your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Once signed up, the partner can attract customers (parents/schools) to sign up and use the educational application to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, all the content fits with the educational curricula used throughout the different countries. This is demonstrated by the successful use of the SLS versions previously in over 13 000 schools, and thousands of parents.

Please see the below links for more information.

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