“The learning activities are a lot of fun. The different levels are good because the students are challenged and motivated to acquire points for the reward game. The activities are well structured and cover all areas of traditional grammar. Students are able to work independently because of the clear spoken instructions and explanations. The activities are well constructed and easy for students to navigate.”

Noeleen Vincent 

(Wesley College Preparatory School, Vic.)

“The SuperLearning activities are outstanding resources. Good numeracy skills are becoming more and more important in our modern lives. The Maths learning activities are extremely comprehensive and cover all areas of number as outlined in the Australian National Mathematics Guidelines. They have user friendly interfaces and clear spoken and written instructions and explanations. The worksheets are excellent.

Fran Owens 

(Arthur District Support Services, Tas.)

“I use the SuperLearning Grammar learning activities in many ways: (i) as an adjunct to regular class grammar exercises; (ii) one on one remedial assistance; (iii) support for students on modified programs; (iv) print off worksheets to assist students with revision. Students like the graphics and love the reward game.”

Gail Byrne 

(St Kevin’s College, Vic.)

“We have been using the SuperLearning activities with students who have been reluctant to engage in other forms of learning. I like the sections in the Grammar learning activities on punctuation and sentence structure.”

Angela Strickland

(Warnbro Community High School, WA)

“The reward game improves motivation and is interesting and complex enough to hold students interest (even those who are used to playing Playstation and other computer games). All our one-to-one students enjoy using Grammar learning activities. The programs are useful tools for increasing literacy skills, logically presented with clear explicit instructions. We like the progression from dragging to typing answers. The vocabulary is meaningful to and within the grasp of the targetted students. The worksheets are a good resource for reinforcement of skills in a different format. Excellent, comprehensive and well constructed learning activities.”

Sue McKay 

(St. Paul’s Anglican Grammar School, Warragul, Vic.)

“We are very impressed with the SuperLearning Grammar learning activities. We were keen to make them available to as many students as we could. Students love working on the activities and we expect to see a marked improvement in their literacy skills”

Nicole Hayman 

(Merrylands Public School, NSW)

“The SuperLearning Spelling and Grammar learning activities are fantastic. The students in Years 5 and 6 just love using them. They are easy to work through and cater for beginner to advanced level. The teacher management system has been well designed and is easy to access. They are easy to network and classes and class lists are easy to enter. The reward game is really enjoyed by the students.”

Hannah Truhlar 

(Bacchus Marsh Grammar, Vic.)

“The variety of Grammar learning activities offered in these learning activities is excellent. The students love them. An excellent and well-constructed resource.”

Lyn Hewitt

(Williamstown Education Community Centre, Vic.)

“The SuperLearning Grammar learning activities are a fabulous addition to my language rotation days. We are using the learning activities with Grades 5 and 6 students. The students think it is a fun way to learn grammar. The activities are varied and cater for a variety of abilities. The activities are a great way to engage students who are less inclined to put pen to paper. The activities are easy for students to use independently and grammar skills can be followed up with excellent worksheets.”

Leanne Nightingale 

(Bright P-12 College, Vic.)

“The SuperLearning Grammar learning activities are outstanding additions to our literacy resources. We intend using them with our Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 students. It is great to have online activities with vocabulary and grammar usage in an Australian context. It is so refreshing to hear spoken instructions and explanations with Australian speech files. The worksheets with the extensive reinforcement activities and excellent teaching notes will be a very valuable resource for teachers using the programs.”  

Maureen Tonkin

(Moora Primary School, WA)

“There are plenty of primary and secondary students who could benefit from working on the SuperLearning Grammar learning activities. The activities are designed so they can be used by learners of all ages.”

Sue Bland

(Reservoir District Sec. College, Vic.)